The Shower

The lorry carrying the gorilla to it’s new home at a different zoo was not travelling very fast as it approached the bend in the country lane but as the lorry went round the bend it suffered a puncture which caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle, the lorry over turned as it … Continue reading The Shower


Kennel Maid

Dawn was sixteen years of age and lazy but loved dogs so when a part time job at the local dog kennels was advertised Dawn very quickly applied for it and was very happy when she got a job working Saturdays after working at the kennels for a month and enjoying it Dawn was called … Continue reading Kennel Maid

Retirement Day

Mr Khan was just starting his last shift at the zoo where he had worked for forty years and now at sixty eight years of age he was retiring. After doing his checks and finding everything in order he watched the last member of the day shift leave then sat down to read the memos … Continue reading Retirement Day

During Detention

It was late on a Friday afternoon and the school had closed for the weekend, all the students had gone home for the weekend except for the school bully Tracy who was sixteen years old, her class mate Mark who was a flasher and Sara who was four years younger than the other two and … Continue reading During Detention