Friend’s sister room

Last week, the best thing in my life happened. So, I was and still am at my friend’s place for holidays, I wrote a story about what happened with me and her mom during the day.

Then, during the night, I was horny, so I left the guess room and its been a while since I realised how beautiful my friends sister was. She is the most fit, curvy and beautiful blonde ever. I am 14 and she is 22. Her feet are perfect and her toes were in white. So, I sneaked into her room. It was dark inside but I could identify where she was. Since I had a big foot fetish, I went to her feet and started kissing them lightly. Then I was sucking all of her toes. After sometime, I pulled out my dick and was using her feet to give me a footjob. I was thrusting my dick in between her arches and it felt so fucking good. Afterwards, I was too excited so I could not hold myself and got on her bed and she was sleeping on her belly. So, I pulled down her shorts and panties and was thrusting my dick in between her ass cheeks. Her ass were the definition of bubblebutt. I was also sucking and biting them. I was a little bit overexcited and didn’t care about the consequences at this point.

After sometime, she woke up and she was shocked and told me that she was gonna tell her mom. So, I tried to convince her and told her she could use me as a sex toy whenever she wants but please don’t your mom into this. After thinking for a while, she agreed as she was a horny slut and we both started kissing. I was grabbing her ass and squeezing them like crazy. Then she sucked my cock and I fucking deepthroated her. Afterwards, we fucked so hard. I slept with her, cuddling her grabbing her ass and tits and then early in the morning I sneaked back into my room.

And from that day, when we all have dinner she sometimes teases me by putting her feet on my cock under the table and no one can see it. We have sex every night now. One day I even sneaked in the bathroom while she was showering and she sucked my dick and gave me a footjob. Then I fucked her, its like we are in a relationship now.


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