16 year old impregnated

Hi. I’m Brooke. I’m 16, have shoulder long brown hair, white, brown eyes, and a nice tight ass.

One day after school, I was dreaming about an older dominant cock cumming deep inside me. I went on an adult dating site and put in my bio I wanted to be bred. Lots of older guys messaged me and I got really horny. One guy in specific got me really horny. He kept saying how he wanted to pin me down and breed me like the animal filth I was. He was really dominant and was saying that he wanted to cum deep in me, and kiss my cervix with his cock. He said he would rape my little teen ass from behind and fill me with his seed. We arranged to meet that night, and so we did. When we met at his car in a parking lot, I got in and he already had his cock out. He pulled my head down and forced me on it. When we got back to his place he brought me in and threw me on the floor. He ripped off my yoga pants and threw them aside. Then he stripped bare, and did to me the same, and then hunched over me like how dogs mate, started biting my shoulder, and he began humping. His cock eventually buried itself into my pussy. He grunted and began raping me hard. He started calling me “whore, slut, pathetic” it really turned me on. He was humping with great force and speed. He wouldn’t stop. Then he came deep in me. He pulled me back onto him. He kept humping me fast but less hard. He then pulled out and kept doing that motion for a while but just poking my ass or thighs. Then he just got up and went to bed. I gathered my things and stumbled home. A few days later, I took a PT, and saw I was pregnant.

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