Fun with brother

Liam went to stay with his Sisters while on holiday. Although they were close, they didnt realise they were this close.

Liam 26 5’10 slim athletic build. Short dark hair.

Tash 28 5’10 Size 14C long brunette hair, attractive, slim athletic body.

Emma 29 5′ 9 Size 16D short blonde shoulder length hair round face Average body.

Tash had accidently seen Liam naked in the shower. She and Emma discussed fucking him.

” Fuck I saw it ” Tash said to Emma

” Saw what” Emma asked.

” Liam’s cock, fuck its big, god,”

” Really.” Emma asked.

” Yes its at least 8-9 inches, its made me horny.” Tash said

” Horny ? Our brother,you sick bitch”

” No,it does” Tash said. ” Hes handsome cute.”

” Yeh he is,” Emma said. ” But sexually ? ”

” Yeh,I would.” Tash said.

” What fuck him?” Emma said.

” Yeh, could be fun and erotic” Tash said smiling as Liam walked in to the kitchen.

Emma looked down at Liam’s groin. After a discussion they all agreed to have sex.

Emma wore a short pencil skirt and sleeveless satin dress top. Her long brunette hair out.

Tash wore a short white skirt and v neck buttoned top. It was see through she wore a black padded bra with lace straps.

” She walked in on me deliberately ” Liam said to Emma.

” Fuck off, I didn’t.” Tash said hitting his chest. ” You want to fuck your sisters” she added.

” Why not ” he said ” Your both fucken hot.”

” Thanks” Emma said. ” Just because we are hot.”

” Yeh well,” he said they stood either side of him, they both put their arms around his side.

” Don’t tell our partners” Emma said.

” Fuck no” he said ” Its not every day a guy gets to fuck his sisters. In lucky I get to fuck both.”

Tash slid her hand to his groin feeling his hard cock. They both slid to their knees pulling down his shorts, his hard cock springing out. ” Fuck it is big ” Emma said stroking it. She held the base of his cock as both girls licked either side of his shaft.

They slid their lips up either side. Tash caressing his balls. Emma licked around his knob as Tash watched then slid her mouth down his shaft ad Tash stroked it while Emma sucked him.

“OH Fuck yes girls ” he said looking down as they swapped over. Tash’s lips over his knob and shaft as Emma stroked him. He took off his shirt now naked in the kitchen. Emma stood up her hand on his chest. She kissed his lips as he fondled her bust the other hand on her arse.

” Gonna fuck your sisters” She said.

” Fuck yeh he said unzipping her skirt pushing it to the floor she stepped out of it as he lifted her top throwing it to the couch. He fondled her bust in her white lace bra. She kissed him as he fondled her. Tash stood up as well her hand on his cock. She kissed Liam. Liam unbuttoned the 4 buttons from her skirt up to her bust opening it up sliding it down her back. He unzipped her skirt dropping it. Emma and Tash got closer kissing each others lips french kissing as Liam watched.

Liam grabbed both their bra straps undoing then as they kissed. Their bras releasing their breasts. Emma removed hers then slid her GString of. Tash did the same freeing her breasts and dropping her underwear.

They all walked to Tash’s bedroom. They pushed him to the bed. They lay next to him kissing his lips and chest. He fondled their breasts and

” Always wanted to see you two naked ” he said.

” Yeh ?” Tash said.

” Oh yeh, ever since you two started puberty. Me been younger brother.”

” Now you get to fuck us” Emma said. She got up into a 69 with Liam. Liam wrapped his arms around her hips lifting his head to her pussy licking her clit and pussy lips. Emma grabbed his cock stroking it and started sucking it as Tash moved between his legs and licked his balls as Emma sucked. Liam rubbed her pussy with his fingers sliding a finger deep in her pussy fingering her as he licked her. ” Oh Fuck yes” Emma groaned as she put her head up as Liam pushed his tongue up and down his sisters shaved pussy. Tash pour his cock in her mouth sucking up and down his shaft as Emma watched.

Tash stroked her brothers cock as her sister groaned having her pussy eaten out in a 69. She licked his shaft sharing it with Emma. Both girls enjoying the taste of his pre cum. Liam enjoying the taste of his sister Emma’s pussy juices.

Tash and Emma french kissed over his knob. Emma then got up and rested her hands on his chest. Liam still pleasuring her pussy with his tongue. Tash straddled him guiding his cock to her pussy sliding down his cock. She groaned as he entered her pussy. His cock in her. She kissed Emma’s lips as the girls fondled each others breasts as Tash slowly rode Liam’s hard cock.

” Hows that ? ” Emma asked Tash.

” Fuckin great ” Tash said groaning her eyes closed feeling her brothers cock inside her as Emma fondled her breasts. She opened her eyes and smiled at Emma who groaned as Liam finger fucked her faster and licked her clit.

” Fuck ” Emma said as she orgasmed. Tash still riding Liam.

” Swap” Tash said She got off and Emma got up. Tash getting into a 69 with Liam.

” My other Sisters pussy ” Liam said ” Yummy” as her rubbed her pussy lips. The taste of Emma on his lips. Emma straddled him sliding down his cock slowly riding him as Liam slid a finger inside Tash slowly fingering her as her licked her clit. Tash watched Liam’s cock between Emma’s pussy lips as she rode up and down his cock slowly. Tash put her head up to Emma’s breasts licking her nipples in time with her. Emma held Tash’s head watching her tongue her breasts one on the base of Liam’s cock, feeling Emma’s pussy touch her hand as she slid down Liam’s hard cock. Tash started groaning as Liam fingered her circling her clit and pussy lips. He felt his cock about to cum.

” Need to cum ” he said.

Emma got off she started licking his shaft with Tash as he fingered her. Tash groaned louder as the girls stroked and sucked him. Tash orgasmed as Liam let go the girls mouths at his cock he looked down to his groin past Tash’s pussy and breasts dangling on his stomach to see his cock erupt into the waiting mouths of his sisters. Tash rolled off Liam. Liam watched as they licked his cock clean. The girls kissed, Liam watching them swap cum in each others mouths, licking it off each others chins and tongues while holding his oozing cock. The licked over each others fingers. All Liam’s cum now in the mouths of his two sisters.

Liam smiled at them as they licked him.

” Taste nice girls.”

” Ummmm yummy ” Tash said kissing Liam’s knob.

Emma turned around kissing Liam’s lips. Liam rolled her to her back. He caressed her breasts as they kissed. He kissed down her neck to her breasts. Tash got between Emma’s legs licking her clit sliding fingers inside Emma’s pussy. Tash pushed her tongue inside Emma’s pussy lips licking up and down her sister,as Liam fondled Emma’s breasts circling her nipples with his tongue. He slid his hand to her pussy rubbing her clit as Tash finger fucked her.

Emma groaned holding Liam’s head against her breasts as he sucked her nipple fondling his sisters D Cup breasts. Emma groaned loudly as Liam sucked her breasts and rubbed her clit. Tash finger fucking her as she licked her pussy.

” She needs a dick in her.” Tash said. Tash rolled Emma to her side, Liam behind her lifted leg. Tash guided his cock to her pussy. Liam slid it inside his sisters pussy thrusting her. She groaned as he fucked her. Tash licking Emma’s clit and circling it as his shaft slid in and out of Emma. ” Fuck the slut.” Tash said rubbing Emma’s clit. Liam holding the inside of Emma’s thigh holding her leg up as he thrust her. Tash kissing up Emma’s body to her breasts fondling and sucking her nipples. ” Fuck you have nice tits sis ” Tash said.

” Yeh ” Liam said ” You both do.”

” Hows that dick. ” Tash asked Emma.

” Good ” She said groaning as Liam thrusted her.

Tash moved over to Liam putting her breasts in his face. Tash held them as he sucked her nipples. Tash held Emma’s leg up freeing his hand to caress them as he sucked while thrusting Emma’s pussy. Emma turned her head kissing Liam’s lips as he fondled Tash’s breasts.

After a while he withdrew and lay down. Emma straddled him sliding down his cock. Tash faced Liam straddling his face leaning forward on the bed head as he licked her pussy as Emma rode his cock. She slid a finger to her clit rubbing it watching her brother lick her pussy lips. Emma leant back leaning back her hands on his knees. Both girls groaning Tash been given oral sex and Emma riding his cock.

” Swap ” Emma said. Tash and Emma got off. Liam admiring his sisters’ beautiful bodies as Tash straddled him sliding down his cock. Emma straddling his face leaning on the bed head rubbing her clit as he licked her pussy.

Tash leant back fondling his balls as she rode him feeling his cock deep inside her. ” Oh fuck yes ” she said.

After 5 minutes Tash got off. She lay down. Emma knelt between her legs sliding her finger inside her sister finger fucking her as she licked her clit. Liam knelt behind Emma sliding his cock into her doggy style holding her arse cheeks open as he watched his cock thrust her pussy. He rubbed his thumb over her anus making her groan more as he fucked her. She licked Tash’s clit hard, finger fucking her as she fondled her sisters breast. Tash held Emma’s head against her pussy her head back groaning “Oh fuck bitch.” She said ” Don’t fuckin stop. Ffffffùuuuuuuuck ” she said “Ummmmm bitch yes” Emma licked harder tasting her sisters juices. ” Shit your better than my boyfriend sis, Sssssssshit”

Liam fucked Emma harder slapping against her arse, his cock deep inside her. ” Ummmmmm” Emma groaned as she licked Tash. Tash then turned over on to her hands and knees, her legs open leaning down her head on the bed. Emma slid her fingers into Tash’s wet moist pussy fingering her, and licked around her anus. Tash groaned. Liam pulled out of Emma standing. He stood over Emma moving to Tash, Emma lay down on her back her head under Tash watching as Liam slid into Tash’s pussy fucking her doggy style. She held Tash’s arse lifting her head licking her clit as Liam fucked her.

” Fuckin cum in her.” Emma said. Liam fucked harder groaning, he knew he was going to burst. He slapped against his sister. Emma under him. He stood over Tash holding her sides as he was bent thrusting her. Every hard thrust pushing her face into the bed. “Cum” Emma said holding his arse cheeks as he thrust harder looking at the ceiling feeling his cock deep in Tash. He groaned as he built up feeling his juices flowing to his knob, one last thrust he shot his cum into her hole. He groaned as he slowed down ” Oh fuck ” he said as he transfered his juices from his body into Tash’s pussy. Cum oozing out dripping into Emma’s waiting mouth under him. Emma held his arse cheeks keeping his cock in Tash. After a minute he pulled out. Cum dripping from Tash’s pussy. He looked down watching it drip from her pussy. Emma licking it off. She lifted her head to his cock licking and sucking it clean. Tash lay down on her back. Liam put his cock in her mouth. Tash licked the last if his semen off as Emma licked and fingered Tash’s pussy, her fingers in her.

” Yummy,” Emma said. ” Pussy juices and cum mixed together.”

Tash, Liam and Emma lay together on the bed. Tash and Emma playing with his resting cock. They talked and kissed. Liam in heaven his two naked sisters each side of him.


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