Fucked my neighbor aunt

Hi I am Hirthik from Chennai. and now I am 20 actually this happened before 2 years Ago while I was studying my 10th standard. Opposite to my house in my apartment a new family came for rent and that family consists of three peoples husband wife under 1 year kid. She was so hottest structure I have ever seen but I didn’t have any thoughts like that when I saw her for the first time. My brother and that kid was having the same age so she would spend most of the time in my house, her husband is Businessman so he would go out and sometimes he would never return home or would return home after 2 or 3 days, she would be all alone or she would be staying in my house for the full day and for the night she would go to her house. One day I was playing with that kid & my brother and I went under my sofa, beside the sofa that aunt was standing. I was playing with a ball that went and others under the sofa. So I entered under the sofa but without knowing I went under between her legs. From there I saw there she was wearing a white panty and she wasn’t wearing a bra. There’s her soft boobs and I just wanted to feel them in my hands but I thought it was wrong, but my dick was erected. I called my friend and told him about this incident and he suggested me to masturbate and I didn’t know how to do that but first time I did and it was like heaven then one day I went to her house she was in the kitchen and I stood behind her and watching her assets without her knowledge. She suddenly looked at me and I turned around and I was talking something then I went to a bedroom where she was hanging that bra and panties on the shelf so I took the bra and I ran to my home and I was fully erected that time so I went to the bathroom and masturbate. After that I returned to her home and I put her bra back in the shelf. I was continuing this job for each and every day literally. Then one day she was in my home and she just went down to fix her some object and then I saw those white boobs, they’re awesome and I just wanted to press them. Like this the year gone then I started to study my 12th and I had more fantasies on her while sleeping, also I had dreamt like I am fucking her then one day and during my late 12th standard I went to her house. I was talking with her as well as I tried to steal her bra, when I took it and coming out of the room she asked whats that in your hand. I just gave it to her, I said I just wanted to see that that’s why I took. She asked me why didn’t I tell her. I said nothing I just ran to my home I was so afraid that she might tell my mum. Then I was like oh god that’s it, I’m going to get finished. Then one day my mum dad and my brother went to a marriage function, they left me alone for studies even her husband and her child was in native place for some festival, seems she didn’t go due to some problems. Then I thought I can have some fantasies and I went to my bathroom to masturbate. That time someone kept on pressing the calling bell. I just came and just open the door with a towel in my hip, it was her, standing and giving me a naughty smile. She pushed me inside and she get into the room and started asking question why I took her bra that day. I was replying her no nothing nothing. She said if you won’t say the reason I am going to tell your mum. Then what can I do, I told her I had some fantasies on her and I just want to press the boobs and I just want to have sex with her she was like oh my God. Then she gave a smile and removed my towel. The next very second I was naked and my dick was hard. She said no one is at home why don’t you fulfill your fantasies right now. My dream finally came true. I touched her boobs and removed her dress then I took her to my bedroom, I unhooked her bra and I was hugging her so tightly. Then I kissed each and every part of her body. She started to suck my dick. It was the softest feelings I ever had. Then I started to insert my dick into her pussy. She said fuck me till you’re about to cum then take out the penis. OK then I started to fuck her then I removed my dick when I was cumming. I kissed her lips and she started to suck my dick. I released my cum in her mouth. She said don’t tell about this to anyone so that I can have sex when I need. I said OK then. That was a great thing ever happened in my life then whenever we needed we would have some fun. After that she moved to some other place and I just miss her a lot. She was hell of a woman for example she was like actress Swetha Menon google it!!
That’s my sex experience
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