My first sex experience

Hi myself Raj. Now I’m 29, 5feet 7 inch height with good looking body from Bangalore, I have wrote some stories in Kannada sex stories category, all are true incidents of my life, I just wanted some stories to be read by all people so I’m posting this story here if you people really like this story and want to here more please comment, the god gift I have got is good looking which I have observed many times in school in college in bus stands in parties I have seen girls will surely look at me, today I’m gonna tell you people how I got my first sex experience.

I started watching porn movies since my class 8 with friends, it was in my friend house where I saw first pron movie in cd player and started masturbate while in climax I was nervous and lil bit pain was experienced after that I used to masturbate when ever I feel horny in nights, I had a crush on my classmate but it went through breakup, from then I was lil back in my studies my mother felt fear as next year I had board exams she thought a plan to send for some tutorials, 3 house next to my house there was a lady called Shanthi who was 30 yrs not yet married I had nothing in my mind like I would get her on my bed, she was pretty kind of lady with 32 30 34 but due to some superstitious she wanted to married only once she step into 31 yrs, don’t know how she had held her sexual argue, as I cant hold at my age of 14, once there parents left to there native to see some relative was serious they asked my mom to let me be with her for two days in her home as I was small boy no one had idea what would happen my mom also agreed, when I returned back from school my mom said the thing I said ok causally went to play, by 4:30 came home back and got ready took books and went to her home I was about to knock the door but by that time I heard some male voice in her house I just got curious and saw through widow they were laying on bed naked and they were having sex, first time in my life I saw sex on live, I took my nokia 6600 phone and captured 20 or 25 pics, I just thought that could help me to masturbate in nights, but it turned every thing more, they were fucking someone from out side asked what are you doing I said I’m going to tuition hearing my voice they both had got up I just acted nothing had happen and knocked the door, my penis was hard inside but I controlled she in urgent just wore nighty without any inner garments and opened the door, I asked what is sis were you sleeping your hairs or in air she said no I was cleaning home come get in, I just entered home I could point out her nighty had lil wet point near her pussy her breast were hard, but I acted normal at this time her mate came out of room well dressed I asked who is he

She: he is my colleague as I was not feeling well he came to see me

In my mind did he come to see you or your pussy I just smiled

He just said ok bye take care call me in case of any emergency and left

She said I will come back taking bath you start studying I said ok and sat with book opened, I opened the gallery on phone and downed my Bermuda and started masturbating, she had forgot towel so she came back and saw me in this position she had no words as she saw her pis on my phone she went back to bathroom, now she had a plan with her has she had no climax with him as I interrupted in between she called Raj I said yes sis, bring me the towel in return she said, I thought I can see some of naked body in this time and went with towel to bathroom

Me: sis here is the towel open the door

She: door is opened come in

I was shocked but was very delighted I can see her naked fully and entered where shall I keep this towel staring at her naked body she had turned opp side and I can see only her naked back

She:put some where and please help me clean my back, I was shocked but I too wanted the same took the soap and started to apply

She: shall I ask you one thing

Me: why not

She: how many porn movies have you watched ( I got confused no words from my mouth ) tell me

Me: no nooo

She : you got my pics on your phone you are fast ( I was filled full of fear what in case she tells my mom about this) have you ever fucked any girl or woman

Now I got some courage she is on my route I said no I have not got that much lucky yet

She turned to me and said will you now and kissed me on my lips

I was stunned, I was what is happening, she just stopped kissing and asked shall we continue here or in bed

I said in bed, she lifted me in her harms and took me to bed

She made me naked in seconds and came on me kissed again as I had watched some pron movies I started running my hands over her and reached her soft boobs and pressed it lightly and said how soft are they, she took my hand to her hips (bums) feel these how big and soft they are as I pressed them I can feel how good she was feeling, my penis was very hard by this time and pressing her pussy outside, she woke up and turned 69 position and started stroking my penis in few stroke I came in her hands as this was the first time my cock has in hands other than mine that too soft hands made me cum soon I said its over, she smiled and said its because its your first time and started sucking by this time I can feel her wet pussy smell and started licking it like saw in porns, after 5 mins mine was hard enough I said shall I not put my dick inside your pussy, she said we have whole two days why are you in so hurry, I’m not able to control I want to feel my dick inside pussy she agreed and came down layed on bed spreading her legs and pussy, I failed to enter her pussy she smiled and came on me sucked my dick once again and holded in her hands and kept in her pussy mouth and tried to enter by sitting on it as her pussy was tight it was lil pain for me even to her finally she managed to take whole dick inside and kissed me and said the guy who went when you came is Mahesh we have hardly had sex each other for 3 or 4 time till now but he has never licked my pussy or his dick is big as yours, really I love your dick its big enough to satisfy any girl, I felt great she started slowly to move her hips after 10, 15 strokes she increased the speed it was the first time my dick had entered the pussy, it was hot my body was feeling some current was passing inside, I was licking her boobs finally in 10 mins I came inside her pussy, but she was not satisfied, she said me to go to toilet and while come eat banana in fridge and bring some milk over there I followed her and bought one banana for her too, she said thanks and removed the peel of banana and started to insert it in pussy, I was very greedy that is the place where my dick used to be not that fruit see it my dick was hard enough to enter her pussy I took banana from her hand and eat it and said this is the real banana your pussy needs holding my dick ho come fuck me she said in reply, I went on her and tried to enter but was not possible she holded my dick in her hand and showed the pussy entrance to it now it was all mine I started to fuck her like an real porn star haaaaaa hmmmmmmm come on fuck fuck were the words fulled in room after 10 mins she said I want it in doggy style, I said ok, she said do you know how to do, I said I have seen in porns, she turned and lifted her back there was a clear visual of her shaved pussy I did not wanted her to make me enter her pussy, I just kept my dick on pussy mouth and pushed it hardly at once it was completely inside touching her bottom, haaaaaaaaaaa you are export now Raj, I said haaa yes I’m now she was moaning fuck me fuck me like this forever I said yes I will , in 15 mins she had cumed for 3 to 4 time she said release your hot cum inside it I said yes had started to fuck even harder in next 5 mins I was about to cum I pressed my dick fully inside her and cumed, she downed her back and slept even I slept on her for 30 to 40 mins latter I could feel her pussy pressing my dick inside her and hotness of her pussy made my dick harder again I started to fuck her in same position she woke up and said wait and turned to my face and said fuck me now, this time I entered her and started to fuck in full pleasure, after 20 mins I could feel some hot water is floating from her pussy not her juices for sure but it was very hot in few secs bed was wet but still we are fucking she is moaning aaaaaa hhhahaaaa hmmmmmm fuck me fuck me harder even harder, on other side yes I will you are mine I will fuck you bitch I will tear your pussy, room was full of our these words and our juice smell in she had already had 5 to 6 climaxes she told I cant take it any more stop for now I said it cant be stopped now and increased my speed in next 5 or 6 mins I came inside her pussy I felt like pissing I said I will be back from toilet she said no I want even that inside me, I said ok and started pissing but I could feel some opposite pressure I asked are you also pissing, she said yes we both laughed and soon felt asleep, suddenly my phone rang it was mom I answered yes mom.

Mom: are you not coming for dinner

Me: I finished my dinner and already in bed by good night and just disconnected the call

I woke up Shanthi and said its 10 pm she said ok wait she went to bathroom got little fresh and came back naked and said go clean yourself we will have some food I said no need of food I need your pussy, she smiled and said to fuck this you need strength so only eat some food I agreed and got fresh after that we had food together nakedly and went to bed, this continued for 2 days, after that we did not get time but in next two months she got married to the same guy Mahesh by that time she was 2 months pregnant, she came back for her mom house for delivery on 7th month of her pregnancy, as my exams were near I used to sleep in her room only we had a great 2 months fuck finally I got 86 % in my board exams on the same day she delivered a baby boy ( my son) her husband was so happy that he had done great thing, only me and Shanthi knew this, she was in her parents house for almost 2 yrs as her husband was in Mumbai in his new job after baby completed 5 months we started to fuck every day I think I have drunk more milk than my son, after that she also moved to Mumbai, by this time I have passed my 12th now I was on graduation there come my romantic stories with my college-mates.

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