Anne Meets Her Secret High School Boyfriend

My name is Anne. I ‘m married to James. We have a unique marriage arrangement We have a a prenuptial agreement. I will continue my sexual freedom. James will share me with other men of my choice. He did request that I tell him I am okay wherever I am. Oh, there is something else. James and the other lovers don’t know. While I was in college I had a friend Margie who told me about a gynecologist near campus. She had her “tubes tied.” I decided to have the procedure done. I asked her to go with me. It was an office procedure and quick. I know the guys fuck the heck out of me to impregnate me. They all want me to have their baby. I just want to fuck.

My first lover since marriage is Dave. An older man. He is a US Army retired veteran. He is now a Town Highway Superintendent. His biggest obstacle in our relationship is his paranoid wife Ruth. She thinks I want to steal him from her. He is in his sixties. I am 23. I just want to fuck him. We have a secret place we meet. The place is a motel on a mountainside. She will never figure this out. It’s not far from their house. He has a key and he gave me one on a gold chain for my own use.

My boyfriends from high school keep in touch for get togethers. Six of them fucked me at a party 2 days before I got married. I married and went on to college for computer science and AI. I graduated and was recruited by a corporation immediately. James is a professor at the university. He is 28 years old. He is my rock. My anchor. He loves me even with my needs.

At lunch at the job I checked my cellphone for messages. Charlie, one of the guys I went to high school with left me a voicemail. He said Aaron asked about me. He is back from Afghanistan and working at the same factory Charlie is. Charlie said for me to call him if I want Aaron’s phone number or if I want him to give Aaron my phone number. Charlie is protecting me. He doesn’t know about me and Aaron. Aaron and I virtually grew up together. We lived in the same neighborhood. We played together as kids. His mother fed me at lunch. My mother made him breakfast. Aaron is Black. I am white. We didn’t see color. We were just kids. Friends. We liked each other. We loved each other. I was almost in junior high school, I had feelings. Girl feelings. I had feelings for Aaron. I remember swimming naked at the swimming hole with Aaron and being attracted sexually to him. We swam and played in the water. We kissed. In the water we held and embraced. I held his hard cock. I wrapped my legs around him. I wanted to feel him inside my pussy. We would play and experiment. It lasted until I had my first period. Mother took me to her gynecologist. He told my mother I had been sexually active. She suspected that. She didn’t say anything but made sure I took my birth control pills. As a single working mom she couldn’t control me. She did give me advice that I listened to. Aaron and I were discreet about our relationship as the guys who were pursuing me in junior high and high school decided I belonged to them. Aaron was two years older than me and graduated ahead of me. He joined the US Army and was sent to the Middle East. I didn’t hear from him.

I called Charlie after work. I explained to Charlie when I was a kid Aaron and I were neighbors and the neighborhood kids grew up together. I ate at his house and he ate at my house. We played together and rode our bicycles together. He taught me to play basketball. Charlie said he didn’t know about the special relationship. Charlie gave me Aaron’s cellphone number. I called Aaron immediately. He was happy I called. He wanted to see me now. He said he would buy dinner if I can meet him. I said, “okay. Where?” He said, “How about the Greek Diner?” I said,” l love their food.” We agreed to meet at 5PM. I left James a message. I am with a friend. I will see you tomorrow. I love you. Anne. PS your dinner is in the oven.

Aaron met me at the entrance of the diner’s waiting area. We kissed. He said how beautiful I am. We caught each other up on our lives. He didn’t know I was married. I explained my special relationship with my husband James. We have a legal agreement to allow me my sexual freedom. Aaron said “he remembered when we were kids. The swimming hole was fun.” I told Aaron, “you broke my cherry there. You were my first lover. I was young but you ignited an urge I never got over.” We had dinner. When we finished eating Aaron asked me, “if we could go to his apartment and work on my urge?” I replied, “ I was hoping you would ask. I even brought a change of clothes to go to work tomorrow.”

I drove my car following Aaron to his apartment. He has a 2 bedroom apartment on the second floor. We kissed and went upstairs. His apartment was comfortable and cozy. He undressed me. He was amazed how beautiful I had become since we were kids. He asked me to pose for some pictures he would take with his cellphone. As I laid on the bed Aaron used his tongue, fingers to stimulate my clit and pussy. I was humming love sounds as I enjoyed the stimulations. He brought me into an orgasm. He then laid next to me. He had me sit up and straddle his hips. I pushed his cock into my pussy. I lowered my pussy down his cock. He told me to lean over him while he kneaded my nipples with his fingers, sucking my breasts and nipples. Aaron has a 10 inch thick cock. I used my vagina muscles to pull his cock as I rode him up and down to add to my sensations of feeling his cock deep inside of me. To add to my stimulations Aaron raised his hips faster to fuck my pussy. He wanted me to have multiple orgasms. I did. He kept fucking me and I kept orgasming. I was panting, squealing, as my pussy was spasming. I squealed the words, “I lovevvve youuuuu Aaron. Fuck me harder. Make me a Hot-wife.” Aaron loudly announced straining and pushing out the words, “I love you Anne. I’m cumming.” He squirted my pussy with copious sperm. The sensations of being deeply and powerfully squirted were beyond what I had ever experienced. I think Aaron having been my first lover as a kid helped both of us revisit a great time in our lives. After Aaron flooded my pussy he pressed my body to his holding on to me. We kissed. I told him I didn’t want to waste his sperm. I got a cup and spoon. I spooned the cum from my pussy and thighs into the cup. Aaron helped me. He volunteered to feed me his sperm He and I were sexually turned on by his participation in this activity. I asked Aaron to fuck my ass. We never did that when we were young. He smiled and kissed me. He turned me over on my stomach. He pulled my hips to him raising my ass. Once he raised my ass higher on the bed he stood over me pushing his cock already coated with precum. Pushing his cock in a slight horizontal angle he fucked my ass. It felt good. I wished I had all of my holes filled at the same time. I need more cocks to satisfy me. I looked in the mirror alongside the bed. His brown hands held my ass cheeks as he fucked my ass. My very white skin with his brown hands and cock beautifully melt together. I am becoming a Hot Wife or HW. When I had multiple orgasms from anal sex we rested. Aaron said, “he wants me to have a tattoo on my body with his name because we have loved each other longer than anyone we have been with.” Aaron said, “ meet me at the Rose Tattoo shop in town tomorrow after work. I will meet you at the shop.

We met at the tattoo shop Tuesday after work. I looked at the scrap books of tattoos. I saw what I wanted. I had only seen this tattoo on white girls in college. It’s the Queen of Spades. It’s the playing card Black Spade with a White letter “Q” on it. Some white girls wear this symbol of their openness to love and have sex with black men. Mary is one of the artists at the shop. When I pointed to the tattoo I wanted she smiled. She looked at Aaron. She said,” you must really love him to do this. She said you do understand what the symbol means?” I said,”yes. We were young. He was my very first lover. I also want his name AARON under the 2 inch symbol. I want it to the right on my mound.” I told Aaron I want scrolled on my inside my right thigh,” James’s “HOT WIFE. Aaron agreed out of respect for James sharing Anne with him. Mary is a very good artist. Mirrors were placed so I could watch my tattoo being done.When finished Mary told Anne how to clean the tattoos and a balm was given to be put on for healing.

I thanked Aaron for paying for the tattoos and for being with me. I wanted to go home as it was stressful and uncomfortable getting a tattoo. I kissed him and told him as soon as my tattoos healed I would show him the beautiful artwork.

I got home and made dinner. James was home shortly after I had dinner cooked. He kissed me and grabbed my ass cheeks. I told him,”Aaron paid for the 2 tattoos. After they heal in 3 days I will show you them.”

James said, “your birthday is coming soon. What can I buy for you?”. I replied , “body jewelry. I want piercings done. I want you with me when it’s done..” James said, “when do you want to do this?” I said, Monday. I want to try my new body jewelry out with you.” I called the Rose Tattoo Shop and talked to Mary. I told her what I wanted. Mary said, “you will be sore for a few days. My sister Carol is the best artist for body piercing.” I asked her to schedule me for Monday after work 4pm.

James And Dave Have A Surprise Birthday Party For Anne…cont’d


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