They stood embracing. Marie smelling Angela’s perfume. She felt Angela’s breasts against hers. Angela loved the feel of another woman. They both leant back, they stood close their hands on each others hips looking at each other. Their eyes looking at each other.

At the same time they leant in kissing, their lips meeting. They slowly kissed their eyes closed tasting each others lipstick.

Marie stopped. ” Sorry ” She said.

” I don’t mind ” Angela said. ” Don’t go now, stay for a while ” Angela kissed Marie again.

Marie kissed back. Marie sliding her hand up to Angela’s bust.

” Ok ” Marie said. They kept kissing smiling at each other.

” Make love to me ” Angela said.

” Sounds nice. ” Marie said.

” You never been with a woman ? ” Angela said

” No ” Marie replied. ” But been curious. ” She added.

” Its nice, I have a couple of times. I have a girlfriend. ” Angela said.

” She wont mind you…. ”

” Oh no, we are not a couple. Its a casual thing. ” Angela said.

They kept kissing. They pulled each other in close. Their hands on each others hips and their bodies close.

” This part of my therapy ? ” Marie asked.

Angela laughed and smiled. ” No I don’t usually do this. ” She said.

Angela’s hand again sliding up to Marie’s bust fondling over her breasts as they kissed. Marie groaned as Angela kissed down her neck pulling her top to the side kissing her bra strap. She tilted her head letting Angela kiss her neck and shoulder. Angela slid her hands to Marie’s skirt undoing the clip and pulling the zip down. It dropped to the floor. She lifted her blouse up over her head dropping it to the floor. Angela cupping Marie’s bra kissing her cleavage.

Marie pulled Angela’s blouse out of her skirt and started undoing her buttons from the bottom of her blouse. She opened it up revealing her light blue bra. She slid it down her back then undid her skirt dropping it to the floor. Both women now standing in their underwear and bras.

Both women stepped to the bed and lay down. Marie on her back, Angela leaning over her kissing her lips, both women caressing each others busts. Angela kissed down Marie’s neck to her cleavage kissing her bust. She slid her bra strap down her shoulder, she could see her nipple through the fabric, Angela pulled her cup down revealing her nipple. She kissed Marie’s nipple and circled it with her tongue squeezing and kissing her breast. Marie’s hand sliding to Angela back to her clip undoing her bra. Marie pulled it off. Angela sitting up removing her bra. Marie sitting up taking hers off.

Angela got up straddling Marie leaning over her, Marie cupping Angela’s breasts pulling her close putting Angela’s nipples in her mouth, she fondled and caressed them as she sucked Angela’s breasts. Angela holding Marie’s head watching her.

Marie lay down. Angela kissed down Marie’s stomach to her groin. She kissed over her underwear down over her pussy, pushing her tongue into her. Marie groaned as Angela pushed into her clit over her lacy G String.

Angela then pulled Marie’s G String down her hips. Marie bent her knees as Angela pushed them down her calfs and off her feet dropping them to the floor. She returned to Marie’s groin seeing her beautiful shaved pussy.

” Wow nice pussy. ” Angela said smiling up at Marie. She leant in kissing her clit then pushed her tongue into her clit circling it. She ran her fingers down her pussy lips rubbing them as she kissed and licked her clit.

” Fuck yes. ” Marie said pushing her head up and into the bed arching her back cupping her breasts fondling them as Angela pushed her tongue into and around Marie’s moistening pussy. Angela pushed her fingers into Marie’s vagina slowly finger fucking her as she licked her and teased her with the tip of her tongue looking up at her. ” That’s so nice. ” She said.

” You taste delicious ” Angela said pushing her tongue deeper in and around Marie’s pussy. She kissed up her body to her lips. They kissed and Marie rolled Angela to her back. She kissed down Angela’s front to her breasts circling her nipples with her tongue fondling and squeezing her nipples. Marie sliding a hand to Angela’s groin rubbing over her underwear.

” This is nice. ” Marie said. ” First time with a female.

Marie kissed down Angela’s front to her pussy sliding her underwear off. She rubbed her clit and looking at the naked Angela under her.

Angela experienced with women. Marie a virgin when it came to females. She leant in licking and circling Angela’s clit as she rubbed her pussy lips with her fingers. She slid a finger into Angela’s pussy as she licked her clit listening to Angela groan.

Angela lifting her knees bending them, opening her legs wider as Marie worked on her pussy.

” Oh shit yes, that’s great. ” Angela said groaning.

Marie licking and sucking her clit and pussy lips as she finger fucked her.

” Love that babe? ” Marie asked.

” Oh fuck yes Your a natural babe. ” Angela said smiling at her.

” Yay. ” Marie said pushing her tongue around Angela’s clit and labias. She was loving the taste of her wet moist pussy.

Marie kissed up Angela’s body to her breasts circling her nipples with her tongue then up her neck to her lips. She lay on her resting on her elbows, Angela’s legs open. Marie lay between her legs. Angela’s hands on her hips, then started rubbing her back and arse. They started kissing their tongues in each others mouths.

” I love been with other women ” Angela said

” Not because your husband turned gay is it ? ” Marie asked.

” No, I suppose even though before I met my husband I’ve been a bit curious about other women, when my husband left, it gave me a chance to explore it. ” Angela replied.

” That’s so nice, hey I’m fucking my counsellor. ” Marie said.

” Suppose you are baby. ” Angela replied. ” I’ve got something you will like. ” She added.

” Oh yes. ” Marie said.

She rolled off Angela. Angela got up and stood. Marie lay on her side resting her head on her elbow admiring Angela’s beautiful body. What man would want to give that up. She thought. Angela reached into her drawers and pulled out a small bag. She walked over putting it on the bed and unzipped it. She reached in pulling out a bright pink dildo.

” Oh my god. ” Marie said smiling taking the dildo.

” You like ” Angela said then pulled out a strap on.

” Oh ” Marie said. ” A strap on. ” It was a blue strap on. She pulled out a double ended dildo.

” You like ? ” Angela asked

” Oh baby yes. ” Marie said.

Angela leant over kissing Marie fondling her breasts. She pushed Marie down sliding her hand to her pussy rubbing it. She kissed down her body to her pussy licking her clit. She grabbed the pink dildo and rubbed it around Marie’s labias the down to her vagina opening. Marie lay back groaning as Angela rubbed it around Marie’s opening then slowly pushed it in her, Marie took a deep breath feeling the dildo in her, Angela slowly fucking her as she circled and licked her clit, the dildo sliding in and out of her pussy.

Angela then turned around. The girls in a 69. The girls side by side. Marie got the double ended dildo. The girls licked each others clits as they plunged each others pussies with the dildos. Both girls moaning having their pussies worked on by each other.

” Fuck that’s good. ” Angela said smiling.

” God it is. ” Marie said.

Angela sat up. The girls interlocked their legs putting their pussies together. They rubbed their pussies together both reaching down rubbing their clits, their labias rubbing together, they both smiled at each other groaning as they pleasured each other.

” Ohhhhhh fuck yes. ” Marie said putting her head back groaning. ” This is so good. ”

” Ohh fuck ” Angela said. Their wet moist pussies together rubbing against each other. Angela reached for the double ended dildo. She pulled back rubbing it against Marie’s clit. She pushed it into Marie’s pussy, teasing her slowly fucking her then stopping. Marie smiling. Angela then pushed her pussy down her end. Angela held it as they both slowly slid up and down the dildo groaning.

” This is so good. ” Marie said. Angela let go. Both girls rode up and down the dildo groaning. Marie looking down at it in her pussy. She watched Angela’s pussy. They watched each others breasts bouncing as the rode the dildo. Both groaning and moaning.

After a while Angela let out a scream as she orgasmed. Marie a minute later orgasmed. They sat looking at each other smiling. Marie pulling out turning around getting between Angela’s legs licking her clit and slowly fucking her with the dildo.

” Turn around. ” Angela said. Marie turned around on all fours. Angela knelt behind her spreading her arse cheeks. She leant in licking up and down Marie’s arsehole circling her anus, pushing the dildo in her pussy. Marie groaned as Angela pleasured her pussy with the dildo and licked around her arsehole. She then turned around pressing her arse against Marie’s pushing against it wriggling. Marie pushed back.

Angela then put the double ended dildo into Marie’s pussy and slid her pussy down her end.

Both girls there arses against each other riding the dildo, their arse cheeks slapping against each others. The sound of their arses slapping against each other really turned them on as the fucked.

” Ahhhhhj so goood. ” Angela said moaning.

” Fuuuuuccccccckkkkk yyes. ” Marie said .

” They kept slapping against each other.

After five minutes of going between fast and slow fucking they took it out. They lay next to each other with the double ended dildo, they turned it around putting each end in their mouths sucking it.

Marie tasting Angela’s pussy juices on it and Angela licking and sucking Marie’s pussy juices off it. Both lay their licking and sucking it supporting it with their mouths as they fondled each others breasts.

They looked into each others mouths like two lovers in passion. Were they falling in love with each other. Marie was wanting to be in love. She didn’t feel she was in love with her husband. Had she found her soulmate in Angela
? Was she in love with another woman ? ” Had she had enough of men ?

She was enjoying the time with Angela not only the counselling, talking to another person about her life and marriage. But she had found what she was looking for in the bedroom. She was totally satisfied sexually with Angela. She had found passion, love, respect.

Angela put the dildo aside. She looked at Marie and kissed her lips putting her hand on her cheek pushing her hair back behind her ear. They slowly kissed moving in close to each other. They fondled each others breasts as they kissed. Angela rubbing noses with Marie

” I love this. ” Marie said.

” Me to. ” Angela replied smiling.

” I feel so loved, and the best sex I’ve had for a long time, I don’t think I have ever orgasmed like that ever. ” She said.

” Oh really babe. ” Angela asked. ” Your husbands never made you scream.

” Fuck no, never. I mean I’ve orgasmed having sex with him, but nothing like what we have just done. ” Marie added.

” Oh good. I’m pleased I’m your best yet. ” Angela said rolling Marie to her back.

” Gosh, the best sex I’ve had is a woman. ” Marie said laughing as they kissed again. They kissed for a minute and Angela sat up straddling Marie’s hips. She reached behind her. Marie admiring Angela’s breasts. Angela picked up the strap on dildo and showed it to Marie.

” Only getting started babe ” she said.

” Oh I cant wait. ” Marie said Angela slid to Marie’s thighs as Marie sat up putting her arms around Angela kissing her.

” Good. I love been fucked by a woman with a strap on. ” Angela said.


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