I am new here I promise I will share only real stories of my lesbian life and hope you will suggest me to write better my next story.

Coming to my first real story how I became lesbian my name is Johnsonika age 25, I am from Thailand I visited so many times in India with great and joyful experience.

My mom aged 40 now we are living in big house my dad died when I was at 14 studying in school. Mom was so alone feeling herself I heard late nights mom’s crying sound from bedroom. She is is very beautiful young looking white skin big sexy eyes shaped nose shoulder length hair big perky tits 36b-30-34 flat belly big round tight buts I must say my mom is tallest than me almost 5’8′ charming soft skins owner, she is more curios about her health and figure always makes herself well dressed, make up, hair style. When she walks her cleavage attracts most of gents while walking her big bouncy tits and buts dancing like a football.

She had an amazing sense of dressing always wore very light clothes and her bra would always seen through her clothes. I could always make out what color she was wearing as she would never cover herself at home. In the summers one can always make out the sweat under her arms and sometimes on her back. Her entire shirt becomes transparent and when I am lucky I get to see her in public like that. Men love to stare which she never minds and I love the attention they give to her especially when they treat her like a bitch.

On weekend day I was working my school work after finish that I had my dinners and came to out for bedroom, parted in 2 sections a there is sliding glass door between the room. First used by mom second by me. I wore short top and mini boxer followed by bra and hipster and went to my bed closed my eyes a dim blue light was on in bedroom I closed the slide door soon I got in sleep.

My mom was wearing a tight pink sleeveless mini top boxer Underneath she was wearing a black bra, small for her size so her boobs looked bigger than usual. The heat was making her sweat and there was a huge stain under her arms. She was lying on bed.

I never got up in middle in night but that night I felt for pee and I got up. I heard low noises coming from moms bed I was trying to see with my sleepy eyes in dim light but could not I came to slider door and trying to watch what happening.

When my eyes opened  I could see two shadows of human being because of very dim light I slowly slided the the door silently I was shocked to see my mom and her friend Kawjai aged 38 were drinking the wine and talking lightly I could not hear that voice, My mom had one hand on his head and the other one she had on her mouth to stop herself from making too much noise.

I know Kawjai she also widow last 3 years I never seen her with other guy or affair like other females. She is very beautiful shoulder level hair soft silky hard cups nicely shaped good figure 34d 28 34, She has a milky complexion and beautiful pink lips, with the lower one a bit fuller . She has maintained herself nicely long face with sexy eyes soft chicks and very beautiful thighs can be seen and knees under the mini skirt.

Suddenly mom coming to my room to care of me whether I am sleeping or not I rushed to my bed and acting for sleeping mom had cares my head confirming that I am sleeping she gone back to our partially bed room. I again opened my eyes in very dim blue light came to slider door but could not see properly and opened my eyes widely now I can see properly, They again stated drinking session for an hour, mom was satisfied that I am sleeping finishing drinks both came to bed smiling eagerly holding their hands rubbing slowly patiently Kawjai put her hand on moms open thighs mom shivered once feeling hot fingers rubbing her white milky tight thighs.

Mom responded nicely she rubbing her fingers on Kawjai’s hands and palms now both were moaning silently uuuuuummmm aaahhhhaaaa sounds can be heard shaved thighs were shining in blue dim light soft chicks also shining mom and Kawjai were going more and more wild moms mini skirt sliding up slowly her black hipster can be seen.

Other way mom rubbing Kawjai’s arms massaging them hands came to neck and chicks Kawjai was moaning.  She placed both her hands flat on her stomach and began to caress her tight smooth skin. Yet it was not her stomach alone that had gained a new fullness and weight. Her breasts too had become firmer, heavier, more pronounced.

I can see that both were feeling hotness ready to go on mom hugged tight Kawjai she also responded moms reaction and got her arms to moms back they were completely engaged in foreplay mom hold Kawjai’s face and stick her soft juicy lips to Kawjai’s lips lips were locked for long time they were kissing and smooching rubbing tongues exchanging saliva mom filled her mouth with testy saliva sounds can be heard gulip………gulip.

‘Auummmmhhh…. You’re so beautiful my love…. So gorgeous…. Ummm your young skin’s so soft…no one kiss you like this does anybody ? Doesn’t realize your beauty. Ever since I saw you I wanted you, dreamed of kissing you, longed for this moment… Ached for you my friend… Mmmmm…. God your delicious…. ‘Mom said to Kawjai she totally lost his control biting and smooching moms soft juicy lips and put tongue in moms mouth mom suddenly lill jumped mmmmmmmm so testy moaning Kawjai pour saliva in moms mouth she drank saliva gulip …….. Gulip.

Now at the age of 16 I was lost my control my body was shivering my heart beat were too fast I was feeling different than my normal body my body temperature gone high I could not understand what is happening with me but feeling some hidden happiness in my body. Now Kawjai took of moms mini top and mom took of her both were in bra panty they took of their undies totally naked bodies were shining in blue dim light mom arched back her head, exposing the long smooth underside of her neck to her friend.

Inviting her to run her powerful tongue along her tender skin – which her friend was only to happy to do, evoking a deep moan from mom as she closed her eyes and rolled her head from side to side against the yielding fabric of her pillow. As her oral pleasure mounted she felt her friend place her mature hand on her tight tit engorged left breast, manipulating, squeezing and massaging it with a practiced hand. Her nipples engorged with lil juice before her friend fingers sought out her hardness, pulling and teasing and twisting her sensitive nipples were erected fully and hard.

Mom was sucking Kawjai’s boobs madly aaaaaooooo ahahhahhhaaha suck suck more suck don’t leave friend I am so hungry since couple of years, bite hard make my boobs reddish bite nipples ooohhhhhhhhooooo u so hot friend moms lips sucking other side her tongue circling Kawjai’s boobs n nipples she was moaning loudly but keeping in mind that my I am sleeping next to room only slider door between us was placed.

Kawjai put her fingers moms soft puffy saved white tight pussy mom shouting lightly omg omg fuck fuck hard me she insert her fingers and squeezing nicely Kawjai speed up fingering in moms pussy other side mom was rubbing friends clitoris light moans were continue in silent atmosphere, hot sexy sound was feeling myself first time in my life some changes in my body I can’t describe here. They were madly sucking all body parts and smooching rubbing tongues making wet all body with saliva
‘God yes…. Squeeze my tits… They’re so full for you, so fucking sensitive…. Oh yes, that’s it…. Urghh…. Don’t stop…. Ever…. Ohhh…. Omg….. ‘

Both felt high sensitivity and put their fingers inside and pumped and Mom wriggled with pleasure; then got up and made Kawjai lie down and she put her tongue into Kawjaiz’s pussy and started to lick it. “Are you liking it? I was  while watching my Mom use her tongue all the way from the bottom of the pussy to the top and back.

Mom could hardly speak as she was enjoying it so much and was playing with her own pussy while she was licking Kawjai pussy was all wet. Mom then asked Kawjai to lie down and asked Kawjai to do to what she had done to her. The feeling was beyond description. I was very hot that time. Mom was sitting next to her and fingering her self with three fingers.

Mom started to pump her with full force and Kawjai was moving her hips in up-down with her downward movement. After a while the movement got faster. She lifted her legs over Mom but Mom kept on pumping. ” Yes friend sweetheart my bitch I have reached it. Keep going”. She again started to jump and then lay still. Mom was kissing her and fondling her breast.

She started to go down and kiss mom on the belly and before mom realised she knelt down and started to lick mom down there and mom slowly shouted with pleasure which she never felt before. She continued to lick and fucked mom with her finger. Mom couldn’t control and came with a splash of an orgasm. Mom felt embarrassed to come on her fingers and she smiled after.. They both hugged and felt there heart pounding.

After finish this long session mom wake up came to see me I rushed again to my bed acting to sleeping mom went back with Kawjai out side I think for taking shower I had no idea what they did later.

This was my life’s first real lesbian story if you like mail me your suggestions so I can publish my next story better way.


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