Angela sat looking at Marie. Marie smiling back. Angela licked up the base of the strap on and put the knob in her mouth circling it. She then licked back down the shaft and back up. She smiled as she put it in her mouth sucking it and stroking the shaft. Marie sat fondling Angela’s breasts. Angela then took it out of her mouth pointing it to Marie. Marie put the knob in her mouth sucking it. Angela then stood up over Marie putting the strap on on. She stood guiding it to Marie’s mouth. Marie slid her mouth over it and started sucking it holding Angela’s arse.

Angela smiled as she looked down at Marie stroking the strap on and sucking it. She held Marie’s head pulling Marie into it, Marie groaning as Angela stroked her head.

Angela then pulled it out of Marie’s mouth, Marie lay down. Angela pushed it down Marie’s bust circling her nipples with it then lay it between her breasts pushing them up over it. She tit fucked Marie smiling at her as she did.

She then kissed down Marie’s body to her pussy, circling her clit with her tongue then kissed up to Marie’s breasts and lay over her. She reached down circling the head of the strap on dildo over Marie’s clit and down her pussy to her vagina. She smiled and kissed Marie’s lips as she pushed it into Marie’s pussy.

” Ohhhhhh fuck yes ” Marie said pushing her head back arching her back. Angela fondling Marie’s breasts kissing her neck as she slowly pushed in and out of Marie.

” Like that baby ? ” Angela asked.

” Oh yes. ” She said feeling the dildo fuck her. Having another woman on top of her for a change. Better than a man she thought for a minute.

Angela kissed and caressed her breasts and neck savouring the smell and taste of Marie’s skin. Her perfume made her crazy. Angela felt her pussy tingling as she fucked Marie. Both woman kissing, Marie fondling and squeezing Angela’s breasts.

Angela then pulled out of her. She turned Marie onto her front. Marie lay down on her stomach. Angela spread her arse cheeks guiding the strap on into her pussy from behind. She straddled Marie kissing her back and neck as she plunged her.

She slowly plunged her as kissed her ear. ” You know the best thing about strap ons ? ” Angela said.

” What babe. ” Marie said.

” When a man cums it stops, with strap ons we can go on and on without the mess. ” She said.

” True ” Marie said smiling as Angela licked and kissed her neck and ears as she plunged her pussy faster.

She then pulled out five minutes later kissing down Marie’s spine to her arse. She spread Marie’s arse cheeks lifting Marie’s arse. She kissed over Marie’s buttocks and then her anus, circling her tongue around her anus and pussy. She slid her finger inside Marie’s pussy fingering her as she kissed around her anus. Marie groaning and moaning, it was the best she had ever been pleasured.

She pushed her arse up more giving Angela better access to her arse and pussy. Angela licking over her pussy and arse.

” Oh babe please please don’t stop. ” Marie said.

Angela fingered her faster licking her arse. Marie groaning more.

Angela then lay down. Marie straddled her guiding the dildo to her pussy, sliding down it. She looked at Angela as slid up and down it moaning her fingers rubbing her clit as she fucked her pussy with the dildo. She leant back pushing her head back her hair hanging down touching Angela’s knees.

Marie rubbing her clit as she rode her. She groaned louder and sped up.

” Ohhh fuck ” she said as she orgasmed, she slowed down looking at Angela collapsing on to her.

” Good aye. ” Angela said.

” Oh shit yes. ” Marie said. ” No man has ever done that to me. Oh fuck ” she said again rolling off Angela to the bed. Angela rolled to her side the dildo hitting her leg.

” Also it never goes soft like some cocks, its always hard. ” Angela added.

They both laughed. Marie’s pussy feeling well and truely fucked.

” I love this. ” Marie said smiling her hand on Angela’s cheek kissing her, so much more sensual than a man. ” She said.

” It is babe, sometimes a real cock is nice, but I know what you mean babe. ”

” You know woman know what woman want. ” Marie said. ” My husband only thinks he knows what I need. ”

Marie pushed Angela to her back leaning over her fondling her breasts, she slid her hand down to her groin and over the strap on stroking it looking up kissing her lips. She then straddled her smiling as she went down putting her lips over the dildo sucking it. She licked up and down it circling the knob.

” Fuck I taste good. ” She said.

” You do, your pussy is delicious. ” Angela said smiling at her.

Marie then kissed up Angela’s body smiling at her and lay next to her.

After a while. Angela got up taking the strap on off. ” Your turn ” She said.

” Oh ” Marie replied. She stood up pulling on the Strap on. Angela lay on the bed legs open. Marie smiled as she stood at the edge of the bed smiling down at Angela. She got on her knees at the edge of the bed and licked over Ange’s clit, and slid her fingers into her.

Ange groaned again as Marie gave her oral sex.

” I love oral from a woman. ” Ange said groaning.

Marie then stood moving the dildo to Ange’s pussy sliding it in her. She loved watching it disappear into Ange’s pussy.

” Fuck ” Ange said smiling at her as Marie plunged in and out of her smiling. Marie
holding Ange’s open legs thrusting her.

Ange’s hand rubbing her own breasts one hand sliding to her clitoris rubbing it groaning. She looked up at Marie, the women she had been counselling for all these months, now was fucking her with strap on. She admired her breasts.

Angela had been a counsellor for twenty years. She had counselled many woman. But never ever crossed the professional boundary of ever sleeping with a client. Especially after her husband left deciding he was gay. Marie knew then she was bi sexual. She had always felt something different with Marie. Never had she wanted to have sex with any clients male or female. Now here she was legs open been fucked by Marie.

Angela lay back her eyes closed, fondling her breasts with one hand her pussy with the other, feeling the dildo inside her been plunged by a woman something that made her extra horny. She had made love to two other woman, Andrea a one off she met while away on holiday, a one night stand. Susan a lady she was having casual sex with once a month when shes in town. Now Marie a client, a real bi sexual slut she thought.

Marie pulled out of her. She lay down Angela straddled her sliding down the dildo looking at Marie riding the dildo. Marie looking up at her friend’s breasts. Ange rode her groaning smiling down at her. Marie sat forward holding her hip as she rode her.

Five minutes late Ange got off. She got onto her hands and knees. Marie knelt behind her opening her arse cheeks. She licked over Ange’s anus and vagina. She then plunged the dildo inside her. Ange groaned as Marie fucked her spreading her arse cheeks admiring her arse, her anus and vagina. Angela groaned loudly and Marie sped up.

Ange let out a big scream as she orgasmed. Marie pulled out they lay down together after Ange licked and sucked her juices off the dildo.

” Oh fuck yes. ” Angela said as Marie took off the strap on they looked at the clock 3.45. Ange pulled a blanket over them as they lay embracing.

” That was nice ” Marie said. ” I feel so liberated ”

” Yeh ? ” Ange replied smiling at her kissing her lips.

” Oh yes babe, I loved this. Lets make it a regular thing. ” Marie said.

” Counselling and sex.? ” She said laughing.

” Just the sex, this can be my counselling ” Marie said smiling.

” Sounds brilliant. ” Ange said.

” Can I ask something ? ” Marie said

” Sure whats up ? ”

” It sounds silly, but I noticed two toothbrushes in the bathroom. ” Marie said.

” Yes, there are, can you keep a secret ? ” Ange said.

” Yes, look I know I can tell you this. Your the only other person who will know. ” Ange said.

” Sure, ” Marie said.

” Its my sons toothbrush. ” Ange said.

” Your sons. I mean your not…. ”

” Fucking him. Oh no. Not like that. ” Ange said. ” Look we are close, not that close. But we share the bathroom. Your confused.? ” Ange said.

” Yes. ” Marie replied.

” When this house was built, the owners wanted a private getaway bathroom. That’s why the Jacuzzi is so big, and the shower is so big. After I brought it and my husband left, and Jake moved back in, hes always used the Jacuzzi, we started using togs, then having to be careful not to use it when I needed the bathroom to shower. We decided to make it a open bathroom. We could both be naked. So we shower together, sit in the jacuzzi together naked. Its fine. ”

” Wow, so there’s no temptation to… ”

” Have sex ? ” Ange said.

” Well yeh. ” Marie said.

” Been honest, we have washed each other down, hes washed my back and breasts etc. I’ve washed his back and cock. Him getting a erection was funny. But we have never gone that step further. I don’t mind him seeing me naked. I walk around the house naked, so does he. Its fine. They are just breasts and a vagina. Even though they are his mothers. Its not weird fir us. Its second nature now. Except when people come to stay we cover up but we make it work. ” Ange replied.

” Wow, so you would never take that next step ? ”

Ange paused and thought.

” You paused ? ” Marie said.

” Jake is a hot guy, nice big cock. I mean the girls he sees are lucky girls. Yes once I did think why not. ” Ange confessed.

” You did ? ” Marie said.

” Yes, but didn’t want to cross the physical line. ” She replied.

” Ok ” Marie said ” That’s fine. Its nice mother and son can do that and it not be sexual. ”

” It would be wrong fucking my son anyway, even though I do sometimes think about it. ” Angela said.

” Well I suppose, its only sex. ” Marie said.

” Well, if you put it that way, I suppose. We probably should not have washed each other down, but it just happened. I just wanted him to wash my back, but something inside wanted him to do my front as well, if him seeing me naked and sharing a shower wasn’t enough. ” Ange replied.

” Here’s what I think. ” Marie said.

” What. ”

” Since your husband left for another male, you want male attention but don’t want just anybody. So you feel you need someone close, and that you are familiar with, been your son. You want sexual gratification from him but don’t want to cross that line, so having sex with women is your sexual outlet. ” Marie said.

Ange lay back thinking. ” You know, you are so right. You hit the nail on the head. Its true. I don’t want a string of men behind me I have fucked. I feel Jake gives me that male side in a non sexual way, but showering and sharing a bathroom with him, letting him see me naked gives me that male attention. As you say having sex with females gives me the physical sexual feelings. Shit girl you don’t need counselling, you need to be the counsellor. ”

Marie laughed. ” I probably feel the same. I’m going off men and wanting my sexual feelings from women.

” Would you leave him ? ” Ange asked rolling onto Marie’s side kissing her lips pushing her hair back.


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