The Old Spanker

Sara was walking along the road with the community nurse who was fed up with the mouth that the sixteen year old was giving, she was glad that Sara was only working with her for the day as a fact finding project for her school, Nursey Jones as she was known told Sara that the last patient they had seen was an ex S.A.S. member and that she should have not spoke to him the way she had, Sara replied ” bullocks he is an old coffin dodger and should have been put down ages ago” Sara was checking her pockets and said ” fuck I left my phone in the old bastards house I am going back for it”  Nursey Jones sighed and told Sara not to bother coming back she could go home, Sara arrived back at Sam’s house and when the seventy year old man opened the door Sara pushed past him saying ” get out the way you old cunt I left my phone here” Sam followed Sara into the lounge telling her that she was a loud mouthed little girl who needed a good spanking, Sara looked at him and said ” yeah it wont be by you your just an old coffin dodger” Sam looked at Sara and said ” don’t push your luck” Sara snarled and said ” my boyfriend is the only one who tells me what to do and spank me, your well past it” Sara started to push past Sam and got a surprise when Sam grabbed her arm and pulled her across the room saying you had your warning, Sam sat in the chair and pulled a struggling Sara over his knees raised her skirt pulled her panties down and started spanking her bare bum, Sara struggled, after giving her a few slaps Sam pushed Sara onto the floor as she landed Sam saw her shaved love tube Sara looked at Sam and called him a bastard, Sam told her she would get more if she did not behave, Sara got up off the floor said ” you got lucky you old coot you wont get to have another go” and bent to pull her panties up, Sam grabbed her dragged her over his knees raised her skirt and after pulling her panties off started to spank her again, after giving her ten spanks Sam stopped he noticed Sara was more relaxed, he told her to get up, Sara got up looked at him, Sam told her to go make him a cup of tea and was surprised when Sara did with out mouthing off, when she returned with the tea Sam told her she would do what ever he told her to do with out question and call him sir, Sara looked at him and said O.K. then added sir, Sam smiled told Sara to go up stairs, Sara went with Sam following her, Sam showed Sara his bedroom where he sat in a chair and told Sara she was now his slave, Sara responded saying O.K. Sir, Sam smiled and told Sara to strip naked, Sara unzipped her skirt took it off then unbuttoned her blouse took it off then removed her bra, Sam admired the naked body of the sixteen year old girl admiring her firm boobs with erect nipples and told her to move closer and when she did he slid his hand between Sara’s legs and started to rub her love tube before sliding two fingers into it and finding it wet after probing around inside for a few minutes Sam removed his fingers stood up and started to rub Sara’s firm boobs then after a couple of minutes told Sara to get on the bed and open her legs Sara did so, Sam undid his trousers revealing his seven inch erection he then climbed on the bed got between Sara’s leg and slid his dick into Sara’s love tube and started to thrust away after a few minutes he felt Sara cum but carried on thrusting away making her cum twice more before removing his dick from Sara’s love tube and squirting his cum over her body. A hour later Sara was walking home thinking to herself I got a another master now who is good.


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